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Jan 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
, nannette. >> hi there. uc says it's been cut over a years, so it's welcome news to see a proposal giving them more funding next year. is that going to be enough to avoid hikes? the new budget proposal uc and csu are slated to get a $250 kblinl boost in funding in the next fiscal year. assembly speaker perez fired a warning shot saying that better be enough and threatened to rethink uc future funding if there is any mention of tuition hikes. >> so they have to understand there are expectations there be no fee increase autos governor brown think as gresively expanding courses and making faculty teach a heavier load will help. 69 graduation ratesx et to move students through, faster. >> people goring to have to find a way to do the same thing with fewer growing resource autos administrators wanted $400 million and say the proposed $250 million increase looks like hikes can be avoided. >> it's too early to say anything. but it's a commitment here to do everything possible to keep switching it to the same level as sit now for next year. >> students frustrated because getting a degree is gett
Jan 12, 2013 9:00am PST
? supervisor chu: i came to the area to pursue a master's degree in public policy at the uc- berkeley school. ever since then, i fell in love with what a wonderful area the bay area is. >> what motivated your interest in politics? supervisor chu: to be frank, i never saw myself in an elected position at all. i had grown up in southern california, and during the first day of the los angeles riots, my parents had their cars stolen at gunpoint. they were left out and had to pay someone $100 to get back to chinatown. it really influenced me. we had a restaurant at the time, and at the time, we were always worried, watching the news, to see whether or not the restaurant would be looted, whether or not it would go up in fire. that was something that was a big concern and worry for my family at the time. i remember thinking even at that age how important it was to consider what the economics were in communities, whether people had or felt that they had opportunities or did not have opportunities, and what role it was that government played in those outcomes. that is what really put me on the path t
Jan 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
brown's budget plan will prevent a tuition hike at ucs next school year. the proposal includes an additional $250 million to the uc system. a uc spokesman tells the "sacramento bee" they are excited about the proposal. >>> another cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold night here in the bay area. [ laughter ] >> brian hackney -- >> what was it? >> -- has more on the cold freeze warning in effect. brian. >> that's enough of those four- letter words. [ laughter ] >> actually at this hour things are a tiny bit warmer. 45 at concord, oakland 50, livermore 45. it was 43 last night at this time. so it's still going to get cold. freeze warnings are posted for all bay area valleys up in the north bay and down through santa clara county. temperatures will get as low as 26 tonight. so be sure to protect plants, pets. but in the extended forecast, it looks as if after the -- the big chill is going to ease up with that low pressure dome heading into the inner mountain region, high pressure building over the west coast. that's good news ahead for us. we'll have it all when we cover the weather for
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Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
, waited until she was 24, and really figured out what she wanted to do. went off to uc berkley graduated from straight a's and proved that, you know, you could benefit enormously. but there is, for a lot of students, west point is vi, trade schools are much better deal and we're seeing a new world of online education that is less expensive and maybe the right choice for young people. >> brenda: a lot of people think that a liberal arts degree is worth something, teaches you to speak, to write to think. >> when i talk to people in the technology industry, that's key. the pew center did a report on economic mobility, off the census 2010 and applied it towards this recession and clearly, the people who had graduate degrees, excuse me college degrees did substantially better than people who did not have degrees. >> gary b, you've paid a lot of college bills. >> yes, i did. i tell you what, brenda, i think for the vast majority of people, the college degree is not worth it. look, 40% of the undergrads don't graduate in six years. we have undergrad degrees with bar tenders or taxi dr
Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
time video games have increased in popularity. >>> new this morning, the costs to go to a uc campus won't likely go up next year. uc administrators announced yesterday that governor jerry brown's budget plan appears to provide enough funding to avoid an increase. brown's budget proposal includes an additional $250 million for the uc system. the amount is less than the uc requested, but probably enough to avoid an increase. >>> meanwhile, the brentwood school district may expand a program that puts ipads in elementary schools. officials are looking at expanding the program out to all the district's fourth graders. fourth grade was selected because of larger class sizes and the ability for students to learn independently. officials will hold a meeting january 23rd at edna middle school to determine interest level. >>> mcdonald's is trying something new with its happy meals in england. the fast food chain is pledging to distribute 15 million books instead of toys over the next two years. the program is called the happy readers initiative. the books are nonfiction and explore things lik
Jan 12, 2013 8:00am EST
students that go to the uc system here -- >> i do that too. >> yeah, i know. [laughter] >> i just drive around. asking them stuff. [laughter] >> my question is he actually is a north korean sympathizer -- >> really? >> it seems to me that there's a lot of indock nation going on in college -- >> right. >> there is not a voice for libertarians or conservatives. >> no, that's true. the -- by the way, he's a friend of yours? >> well, not anymore. [laughter] >> that's the irony of the academic world in the campus that it's supposed to be the land of open minds, but if you're a conservative, the reality is it is the opposite -- well, i had no metaphor, but the -- it's because it's a self-perpetuating machine. the journalists there teach the future journalists who teach the future jowrntists. if you get a gender studies degree, your only future is to teach gender stories. the only way to break that is to get into ace deem ya, who wants to do that? for the students, but, i mean, other than that -- other than that -- [laughter] it pays all right. tenure, that's a problem. why are you allow
Jan 11, 2013 9:00pm PST
bay. brother michael was attending college at uc berkeley and she rushed over to nearby hayward to join michelle's friends who were handing outposters outside the parking garage. had anybody seen her? >> we all just wanted to find her. we didn't think anything bad happened to her. where was she? they hammered her iphone with more than 100 calls and texts and heard nothing. then 12:45 p.m., 15 hours after michelle was last seen, finally a text from her home. i'm not missing, it read. my phone has been acting crazy. it deleted everything. all these texts have killed my battery. michelle sent a flurry of reassuring texts to friends and family, i'm fine. just taking it easy. so that ex-boyfriend texted her back. his phone number she knew almost as well as her own. the response from michelle? who is this? uh-oh. >> when wey come back, did michelle really send that text? if not, then could she have been kidnapped? police thought maybe so or maybe she just left. >> i had asked is it possible she could just be out there all stressed out? they said yes, it's possible. >> but soon police que
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7